MRL’s contribution to the agricultural community is undeniable. With over six decades of rich experience and a wide variety of top-range tyres, they have become a trusted tyre brand for many farmers, giving them an edge in the field.

The MRL agricultural tyre range provides a number of benefits such as rolling resistance in support of soil preservation, reduced fuel consumption and excellent flotation characteristics. Choosing the correct tyre for your equipment is of vital importance so you can complete more operations in less time. MRL makes your choice easy. They take you further, every time.

The MRL agricultural range consists of the following bias and radial tyres:

Strong. Sturdy. Reliable. The MIM374 bias tyre is suitable for heavy-duty prime-movers. It has multi-angled and bold lug bar spacing for a comfortable drive & added traction. Its sturdy body plies provide longer service durability saving you unnecessary expenses in the long run.

Getting dirty with the MIM375 bias tyre is a right of passage. This tyre is suitable for small tractors and works at its best on muddy ground for soil tillage. Its deep lugs & tread pattern provide excellent traction and aids in self-cleaning capacity.

Expect a productive day with the MRT302 bias tyre. It has a unique lug design with extra bends to increase surface area for maximum life. Its extra-wide design is perfect for heavy-duty forklifts and equipment. The cuts and crack-resistant tread compound will result in an increased service life saving you money. Strong and sturdy body plies cater for extra load carrying capacity. This will have a positive impact on the productivity of your work rate.

Comfortable driving at its best with the MRT329 bias tyre. This tyre was specifically designed for row crops. The multi-angled curved lug bars provide improved traction and self-cleaning capabilities. A cut and crack-resistant tread compound delivers a longer service life.

Heavy duty? No problem. The MRT331 bias tyre is a perfect match for heavy-duty prime movers. With multi-angled and bold lug bars, service durability and self-cleaning capabilities are extended to the max. Superior lug design can effectively improve the wheels’ self-cleaning capacity and as such the traction capacity of your vehicle. This will enhance the load that your tyres can bear.

The MRL MTF212 bias tyre is mainly designed for a 2WD tractor and includes features such as a specially profiled central rib for deeper penetration and better steering control, an adequately reinforced rib base for minimum lateral side-slipping and strong and sturdy body plies for longer service durability.

An agricultural tyre is the only direct contact between your tractor and the ground. If it does not self-clean properly, the consequences may be multiple and could be very damaging to your productivity. The MFT222 bias tyre was designed with multi-angled and bold lug bars for service durability and self-cleaning. Its ideal application is suited for heavy-duty prime movers.

The tread pattern on the FLR339 radial tyre from MRL is powered by its ability to have less impact on soil fertility, thus preserving the value of your crop. It has 80% field usage and 20% road usage. Its tread pattern ensures self-cleaning capability.

Modern harvesting machines can’t go wrong with the MRL RC950 tyre. This radial tyre for row crop application provides excellent traction performance. The narrow tread protects the soil and avoids damaging the delicate crops.

Heavy-duty and high power for a happy harvest. Comfortably use your heavy equipment with the RRT650 radial tyre from MRL. This tyre is mainly designed for high-power harvesters as it offers less impact on soil fertility while preserving the value of crops. Self-cleaning properties are but one of the beneficial qualities of this impressive tyre.

The RRT770 radial tyre consists of many beneficial components such as excellent flotation characteristics resulting in minimum field disturbance, special cut-resistant compound, a deep tread depth for longer life, self-cleaning properties and a special rim guard protecting rim flange from damage. You can’t go wrong with this choice of tyre!

This MRL RRT885 radial tyre offers an ideal solution for soil preservation during harvesting as soil compaction is one of the main concerns farmers have. It has an innovative design for high load capacity with excellent flotation characteristics resulting in a smaller impact on soil, reducing vibration in the agricultural field and road service.

Any agricultural establishment that chooses better tyre technology obtains an advantage for all their applications. By selecting the correct tyre, you will positively impact the profitability of your farm. When you choose MRL, you choose quality, reliability, durable and an extra hand in the field. MRL, taking you further.

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