Jun 02

Looking back at The Spirit of Africa 2022

Dust, Dirt, Daring Drivers. Reflecting on the 2022 Spirit of Africa with GIPMAX.

As the dust settles on the preliminary knock-outs of the Spirit of Africa event that started in May 2022 at Doringbos 4×4 in the Freestate province, we take time to reflect on the wave of excitement it created among participants. Filled with technical trails and gripping corners, it’s no surprise some say it’s “the toughest 4×4 challenge in Africa.” These knock-out rounds will continue until middel July.

The Spirit of Africa Trophy is an adrenaline-filled experience which includes camping under the African sky and a series of off-road courses designed by 11 times SA rally champion, Sarel van der Merwe. It provides the “average” driver with an opportunity to test their off-road driving ability in a competitive environment and has become the first and only 4×4 driving competition with international status. Eager drivers were able to sit behind the wheel of the Volkswagen Amarok, fitted with GRIPMAX Mud Rage R/T Max tyres and experience the thrill of the Spirit of Africa Trophy.

The Spirit of Africa consists of knock-out phases which are held over 29 events with 20 teams per event. Due to the popularity of the event, Sarel had to increase the knock-out phases by adding additional elimination rounds with more than 1100 participants.

Gripmax is proud to be a part of such a prestigious event. Don’t expect our Gripmax tyre dust to settle on the Spirit of Africa anytime soon.

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