GRIPMAX, powered by Treadzone.
Jun 16

GRIPMAX, powered by Treadzone.

GRIPMAX, powered by Treadzone, was in the spotlight at this year’s Spirit of Africa events. There is a reason why the Spirit of Africa is called ‘The Ultimate Test Drive’. With the GRIPMAX Mud Rage R/T Max tyre the Amarok SUVs tested tough terrain and technical trails at this year’s event. There was absolutely no fear while taking corners and gripping the ground, because drivers could rely on the tyre’s aggressive off-road traction and side biters. Precision driving and ultimate adventure were guaranteed, because of the GRIPMAX Mud Rage R/T Max tyre, powered by Treadzone. Nothing was impossible on the uphill, downhill or technical trails Sarel van der Merwe and his team offered at the 2021 event.

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GRIPMAX’s range of tyres are designed for adventure and different terrain, because of the high-quality materials and modern technologies used during manufacturing them. It is a reliable and well-known brand in the SUV/4×4 segment of South Africa. Watch these two GRIPMAX videos on our NEW Treadzone YouTube channel: