Jun 13

Treadzone – Exclusive Importer of Westlake Tyres for Dunlop Zone.

Exclusivity adds value.

It is no secret that Treadzone is committed to understanding the needs of their tyre fitment centres and customers and following through with a solution. The proof is in the pudding and Treadzone provided an exceptional buffet of tyres by securing exclusive importer status of Westlake tyres for the Dunlop Zone fitment centre.

Dunlop Zone is South Africa’s largest network of independently owned fitment and service centres.

Located throughout South Africa and in neighbouring African countries, they provide a world-class customer experience with a multi-branded quality tyre offering.

Westlake Tyre, a trusted tyre brand with a premium status and high standards, offers a complete range of products adapted to customers’ needs and multiple types of road surfaces.

Consumers can expect uncompromising commitment as Westlake delivers a perfect balance between performance, value and quality.

Dunlop Zone and Westlake tyres – an inevitable partnership

With similar values and commitment, it was the obvious next step for Treadzone to import Westlake tyres for Dunlop Zone to collaborate and venture together, where each can provide their resources and expertise. You will find the following exclusive Westlake tyres range at the Dunlop Zone.


A premium, all-season passenger tyre range that offers consistent highway performance and remarkable handling on dry and wet road surfaces. This range provides value and you can safely take on any distance with the Westlake passenger tyre range.


This range was designed for on- and off-road adventures. Some of its unique qualities are improved stability and handling at high speed and cornering. It also offers superior traction in demanding terrain. They are available as A/T, H/T, or M/T ranges.


Light Truck Radial tyres have been engineered with innovative technology for local and regional operations. They were designed for light- and heavy-duty pickup trucks. Their special tread compound guarantees reduced fuel consumption with lower rolling resistance while stone ejectors in U-shaped grooves minimise stone holding and penetration.


The Westlake Truck, Bus and Radial tyres will ensure that deliveries run smoothly and on time regardless of the day’s weather. Engineered with innovative technology, they are the perfect fit for local and regional operations. The TBR tyres were designed with an ultra-deep tread with robust tread blocks that feature excellent wet traction and longer tyre life

Treadzone is a proud supplier of superior tyre brands in South Africa. Their top-quality tyre range will meet your wildest expectations. Sourcing from world-class manufacturers they enthusiastically demonstrate knowledge of their products and their applications.